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    Simple to keep your design files safe


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    Simple to keep your design files safe

    Indlæg by hengheng2011 on 18/4/2012, 05:24

    Simple to keep your design files safe

    It owns powerful encryption, secure the entities in the drawing, so other recipients can not copy nor change it. AutoCAD Lock is a stand-alone application, no AutoCAD required and supports AutoCAD R2.9 thru 2012 drawings. It is 100% clean software and is free from any spyware or viruses. It allows you to try before you buy. Free download this amazing software and have a try! Your attention will be highly appreciated, thank you for your time!

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    AutoCAD eTransmit
    AutoCAD Attribute Extractor
    AutoCAD Compare

    Guide: How to Lock CAD Files ?
    This process to lock AutoCAD DWG and DXF file is very easy to learn and we hope you can enjoy the excellent exprience. It can lock a AutoCAD drawing so that other users can view but not modify the information in the drawing.
    Step One: Download and install it. The main interface is like following screenshot. On right toolbar, you can see, "Add Folder", "Add Files", "Remove", "Remove All".
    Step Two: Add CAD file. Click "Add Folder" to load your local CAD folder and click "Add Files" to add your CAD files directly. You see, these supported input formats includes DWG and DXF files.
    Step Three: Define output destination. Here, find your output destination is OK.
    Step Four: Conversion. Click "Convert" button and it will pop up a new widnow, click "Try It".
    Here, you know this simple way to prevent AutoCAD drawing data from being modified. If you do like this software, click "Buy Now" link to get it. Welcome to free download it and have a try.

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